A Biography Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: The Glorious Life Of The Man Of God

He has impacted the lives of millionsThose of us who are blessed to have discovered the teachings of the Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome may know something about his life, but for those who have not heard of this extraordinary man, the story of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography his life is sure to be inspirational.

Pastor Chris was born on the 7th of December 1963. He was born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria.He is the son of Elder T.E Oyakhilome and Angelina. According to his family tree, Pastor Chris’s lineage is steeped in bible teachings. We can see clearly that Pastor Chris was always https://christiandevotional.com.ng/wonders-and-miracles/ destined to be a Man of God.

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Today, the university is known as Ambrose Alli University as a tribute to its founder Governor Ambrose Ali. It was at this university that Chris Oyakhilome would start to forge his own spiritual path. In establishing a student fellowship called Youth For Christ, he demonstrated his skill for leadership. This group became one the largest and most popular organizations https://christembassy.org on the campus and its members included choir leader, Reverend Have a peek here Tom Amenkhienan.Establishing Christ Embassy and LoveWorld Inc.The biography of Pastor Chris unrolls like his Ministry.

The prayer group gathered momentum and in 1987, Pastor Chris formed a church called Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF) is an organization that can pastor chris messages perpetuate the inspiring work of Pastor Chris. It is aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future by recognizing and supporting their incredible achievements.


Reverand Chris Oyakhilome, so many lives are being changed for the better. We all look forward to reading the next chapter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s biography..